Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Swiftest cut!

OK, you've seen the troops, the big hitter and now here's the short, sharp, shock - a unit of seekers of Slannesh again these are designed by Juan Diaz, there are only four basis models within the group so to have a unit any larger the paint work has to be varied to given hint of variety, hence I've changed chopped and changes the same colours across each figure.

Pictures from various angles

In different positions

Just to give an impression of variety

Particularly like the red bodied Seeker, just breaks uniformity of the unit

The form and line of the models really give an impress of speed and movement in my opinion.

These girls are definitely out for blood!

Games Workshop currently describe these girls as:-  "The Seekers of Slaanesh are the outriders of the daemonic hosts, Daemonettes who ride upon swift and deadly Steeds. Seekers can cover vast distances at unbelievable speeds; they are an excellent flanking force, able to deftly outmanoeuvre almost any foe.
The Steeds are lithe, unsettling creatures with muscular limbs and long, terribly poisonous tongues - it is said a single caress from a Steed's tongue is enough to drive a man into a deathly rapture. The Daemonettes are no less deadly, with lethal claws to slash and slice at their foes." Fits the way I'll be using them pretty well!.

Hope you enjoyed the post

Paul / Golgfag1


  1. I do like those colors. The Green and red on the riders is great!

  2. Thanks Tom,

    When I first posted these pictures at the Forum there was a fair amount of humming & arhing about not being the correct colours and style of painting (pastals) that follows the GW brief for followers of Slannesh - My response was simply - this is my interpretation - which is clashes! Works for me.

    Paul / Golgfag1