Monday, 4 December 2017

Seductress Dragon

Here's one of the larger models I've painted over the last couple of years - a Ral Partha model from their Dragon of the month series - The Seductress Dragon, designed by Steve Saunders. Here's a picture of the original packaging, the miniature was painted by Jackie Prow.

Original packaging

The model came in four pieces - the tail, torso and a pair of wings, simply pinned everything together using epoxy resin and sprayed it with a satin black undercoat. Originally, wasn't too sure about how to proceed with the paint work, but was sure I would do some kind of scale pattern on the tail. So, set drawing out the diamonds, took a bit of time to get it how I thought it would look and then just began to build up the colours - yellow and brown on the underside and red across her back. Here's a few pictures of how this all progressed.
Early stages

Getting there

A bit more detail added

After all the work to get the tail looking good, I tried to keep the upper torso as simple as possible, so as not to distract - hence the grey. So, here's the final picture.

 Hope you enjoy the post

Paul / Golgfag1

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