Thursday, 14 December 2017

New Arrivals!

Following a sad post on the Oldhammer Forum informing me that Thunderbolt Mountain were going to cease trading.  I've been promising myself for years that I'd purchase an army of these beautiful miniatures at some point but I've always borked at the price, well this has been my push to pursue that wish.
So with credit card details in hand - I did the deed and brought myself an early Christmas present, which following another exchange of cash with the excise man - a package arrived yesterday.

Inside the box, safely wrapped in plenty of padding: sixty archers, forty foot, twenty cavalry and a mounted hero type and as a bonus, another twenty armoured foot as I hadn't realized that the cavalry came with dismounted riders and another figures added as a thank you for the order - happy bunny.

Here's a sample picture of a few of the figures - they've a minimal amount of flash, given the detail on these miniatures, but nothing a bit of time with blade and file won't cure.

Until these arrived, I was planning on packing up my painting/work station for Christmas to give a bit of extra room for the festivities, but that plans now on hold - as I've opened the box and the first unit has already been under the knife & file and are heading for their primer coat!

Watch this space, as I'm hoping that I can do these miniatures justice as their everything I was hoping their are - tall, graceful and unique given their rarity this side of the pond!

Paul / Golgfag1


  1. When you said on the forum you'd bought some, I wasn't expecting to see a full on 140 strong elven force! Really looking forward to you developing this lot.

  2. I really meant it when I said I've wanted these for sometime. So when the opportunity to get some looks like coming to an end, the only thing to do was buy and I saw no need to hold back on the purchase - so an army it was!

    Thanks for looking