Sunday, 3 December 2017

A Long Term Project - My Deamon Horde

Following the Siege game at BOYL 2014, I began building a chaos host - made up of various models I'd collected over the years Citadel 'C' series( pre-slotta), Grenadier, Games workshop, and Ral-partha and whole lot else in between, but I wasn't sure which faction to follow Khorne, Slannesh, Tzeentch or Nurgle especially as I have models for all. So, I've decided the build any army containing all four  sects and mix my models as I see fit, and let the daubing of paint be the unifying factor, so here are my initial efforts (over the last three years, no body can say I rush things). More to follow in due course.

A Citadel 'C34' series Demon
Daemonettes of Slaanesh by Juan Diaz, really hit the Slannesh vibe for me
I started with a Nurgle theme, so added epoxy resin to the bases weapons and let it run to form drips and pool, which I've painted to give a putrid look.
Original Bloodletters by Alan Perry, I know their simple poses are limiting, but I hope from this picture you can see they can look dramatic.

Hopefully you can see here that I've mixed and matched the torsos and bodies to give a quite contorted look the unit - as I consider they'd be constantly fight between themselves, if, they weren't bond to a higher calling.


  1. Thanks Tom, I've had these done for sometime, but the rest have fallen to the wayside, as other projects have pushed their way to the front of the queue. It's good to bring these out and show them off, to hopefully get me to complete the rest of the army! These's more to come.

    Paul / Golgfag1