Saturday, 16 December 2017

First coats of many colours

Well obviously, I wasn't going to wait until Christmas to start painting the Wood Elves, so here's their initial preparation, priming (as I'm going to try something different with these miniatures - washers) with white Halfords white primer spray paint.

I've then done a general wash of MP miniature Paint, ration of one paint to two water to get into all crevices  and to 'lift all the fine pieces of detail to a level where I might actually see it! Also, there's nothing worse than painting a figure and spotting a small fleck of white which you can do nothing about without touching the surrounding area (I normally use black matt or satin spray paint).

The rank and file

As ever my pictures do me or miniatures any credit
  I know they look like nothing but let me assure you their coming along just fine.

Initial coats of colour

My intention is to use a broad range of greens & browns, given that there's only three main poses, apply those colours to different parts of the miniature so that there's no uniformity in the way their painted, apart from the colours used.

Hope you enjoy the journey half as much, as I am.

Paul/ Golgfag1

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