Sunday, 3 December 2017

More daubing of paint

I've since added Nurgle figures to the demon horde and some more Slannesh & Khorne giving me a units of forty, unfortunately I've not finished their bases, as I'm wait to finish more so I get a consist look across the army.

Changed the colour scheme slightly - green torso rather than blue etc etc. will gradually change the entire scheme every time I move on to the next batch - maybe yellow next time. Anyway, enjoy.

Paul / Golgfag1

The laughing boys - Nurgle join the crew!
A mixed bunch of Bloodletters & Deamonettes!

A daemonette, shows the resin to best effect.
All together now - charge!


  1. Loving those color schemes...those bases are sweet too!

  2. Once again thanks for the kind comments
    next up will be some close-ups of the big stuff!

    Paul / Golgfag1