Saturday, 10 April 2021

Third month of the Old World Army Challenge - Actual Citadel C series Amazons and a few extras


Rank & File month #3 

The idea of the challenge is to paint at least ten figures over the course of a month for six months this month I did a few more than ten due to - Annual leave, inclement weather and shear bloody minded-ness to give Mr Beale a run for his money! In fact I actually painted next months entry as well, but I can't show you those until they're shown on the OWAC blog page, sorry.

This month, I'm painting 'C30' series Amazonians from back in the day, originally designed by the Perry twins, produced as a foil to the Slann of Lustria. The first time they were promoted by Citdel/ Games Workshop was in the scenario Rigg's Shrine in the second Citadel Compendium, written by Richard Helliwell.


So, let's show you what I've been dabbing paint over.

I'm also going to add a few specialists from other manutacturers as I don't really have that many C series figures and my force needs a little something to provide a little bit of punch - Chariots, via Ral partha, the originals are pulled by human slaves, great for the story, but not much good on the tabletop.  So, I switched them for sabre-toothed tigers from Grenadier, which means they move slightly quicker and have a lot more bite when entering into combat.

The second batch of infantry, a mixed bag of C series tribes women, berserkers and Koka-kalim weilding bows, daggers, swords, bolts-pistols and power swords.

Pygmie skimishers, weilding either bows or short spears/javelins.

Whilst trawling E-bay, I dropped upon this dragon, which I thought would add a little something to this months mix, I'll be honest attaching the wings was a complete pain, but the simply paint job was done in an evening.

Another find on E-bay, advertised as a living statue, thought it'd would make a nice addition to my growing collection, following on with the Rigg's Shrine - I'm of the opinion that this would make a better avatar for the scenario, than the original model. I've used magnets to make the parts inter-changable from a statue on the plinth to avatar.

 As the end of the month draws ever closer, dabed a bit more paint behind the ears of a few more Pilgrims of various manufacture and ages which shows how attitudes to figure design and nakedness as changed!

This months all based, varnished and ready to join their sisters!

My original intention was to take next month off, not because I want a break from painting, but I want to paint and post something else, but following a little banter with Mr Beale I've already painted Apirl's contingent, but you're going to have to wait to see the heroes and wizards.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Second month of my Old World Army Challenge - Greek/Hellenistic types

A good month - sixty figures for four hundred and seventy points of third edition Amazonian pilgrims. These turned out reasonable well given my duabing of paint and usual standard of pictures! Check out the Challenges main page to see how I got here.

Hope you enjoy

Paul / Golgfag1

Adding to my Amazonian Army, via Old World Army Challenge - first months efforts

 To encourage me to stick with one thing, rather than flirt between various projects, I signed myself up for the Old World Army Challenge, for those of you that know nothing about this annual event in brief you agree the paint at least 10 infantry or five caverly figures or equivilents each month for six months, which hopefully leaves you with at least a thousand points at the end. For those of you who really what see my progress here's the link -

My intentions are the expand my existing army, by adding to units, here's a few shots of my most recent efforts mixed in with the originals - what do you think, good match?

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Progress, adding a few fire breathing monsters to the mix

Over the last few months I've been painting my C series Dark Elves and I'm now at the point where I might actually have a functioning army rather than a collection of figures and models, painted over the last thirty years, ouch! I have my excuses - girlfriends, wife, mortgage, kids, beer etc etc. But the Dark Elves have always been there, slowly growing in number to the point that it was an embarrassing to open the storage cupboard and seeing all that bare lead. Occasionally, I'd take a few to the painting table and daub a bit of paint, but there was never any real effort to produce a working army. which left me with this.

 A half dozen painted witch elves, twenty Coldone riders, Manflayers plus a scattering of various half finished projects and a horde of bare lead. So this year I made the decision to do something about it I engaged the service of Curtis Fell to give me a basic painted army kicking off with the Bolt thowers.

just one or two, on the basis than I needed something to kill monsters, as I didn't really have any.

Not a bad job, so I then handed over a few warriors to see how they'd turn out and on the whole he's not made a bad job of them. These will be tweaked to give a coherent theme to the army, by adding shield designs, banner emblems etc. by me. 

Here's a couple of pictures of what I've done to them, nothing drastic, simply darkened the hair and high-lighted a few details and provided shield designs.

These will be mixed in with the male figures to give a degree of variation to the regiments, as the C series selection of miniatures are rather mono-pose, so to give a degree of movement these girls add a bit of drama.
Whilest, Curtis was doing his bit I've been splashing a bit of paint myself, over a few of the leaders within the C series portfolio

I also added a few scouts, as you can see the majority of figures are of a single pose, hence the need to add a touch of variation with the female figures, it doesn't need many, but it would be dammed boring without them.

To provide a more impressive leader for the army I've added a modern figure a Dragon rider, which cut a more dramatic pose.

Here you can just see the banner design which I used on the shields earlier, which is cast on the saddle design of the dragon rider. I've also painted a few hydras to give myself a few options in my army choices.

All I have to do now is more of the same and wait for Curtis to complete the Witch Elves!