Saturday, 10 March 2018

Arraz, Arraz are good!

Well, needless to ask I didn't get the Black Mountain Boyz out of the bath. So, I took a few 'C' series out of the 'to do' box and daubed a small amount of paint on them last weeks whilst waiting for the paint on the dragon to dry. Unfortunately, didn't get then to a stage applying a ink was or painting the detail (eyes & teeth); so waiting till today, (as I've not been getting home until after dark) to get these final touches finished - so here's a few pictures of the arra boyz with their wash (I always consider orcs & goblins should be covered in a proverbial layer of grot, it also covers up a multitude of sins regarding my painting and gives a degree of depth to the figures) and then with the details touched in.

These will take my painted Arra Boy'z up into fifties, so, can now start to consider deploying two units, rather than one large block - all adds to the variations of what I'm able to field ;).  As ever, the close-ups just show how bad my painting has deteriorated and how badly I need to have my eyes tested!

Hopefully, I'll get the Black Mountain Boyz out of the soup later today

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