Sunday, 18 March 2018

A worth while investment, Time will tell?

Well, to say nothing happened on the painting front this weekend, wouldn't be quite true - given the weather has taken a turn for the worst!

Thus, the conservatory's out of action again.

Just to cold to sit there and apply paint, so went off and did domestic stuff like shopping and taking the cat to the vet (Always a joy!). Whilst, visiting the local business park, I noticed than Maplins were having a closing sale, never one to miss an opportunity I stuck my head in to see if anything caught my eye. To my pleasant surprise I found a magnifier lamp and a  headband magnifier kit, all for under fifty pounds, so have invested a small amount of cash to see if these items would give me a significant improvement in my current painting.

As, any of you have seen my painting recently will a test - it's not the most genteel, I describe myself as dauber of paint, rather than a painter attempting a graceful application of colour and have put this down to my diminishing eyesight and shaking hand (long gone are my days of winning painting categories at Colours - hence, I say myself - I'm now a painter of armies not figures; hopefully, these items will help.

First impression are good - especially with the head kit with its the multiple lens and the multi-pose lamp does exactly what it says on the tin. So, am currently moving my painting station back into the study and hoping to show you a bit more progress with the giant and goblins, later today, as I'm going no where fast, given the weather.

Here's hoping


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  1. I got prescription lenses for very close work - absolute Godsend. My eyes have different focal points so normal magnifiers weren't the best for me as I was always straining. I also clip a magnifier onto them now.