Sunday, 25 February 2018

A regiment of Lesser Night Goblins! (Snotlings)

Well, I've final kicked my painting mojo back into gear this year, and to achieve a quick result I went for something small and insignificant but has needed to be done for a long time - Citadel,  first edition C14 Lesser Night Goblins to be precise. I thought I had a more varied collection, but having gone though the unpainted stuff, found that I've only two poses to join my growing horde (no doubt the rest are in a box somewhere in the attic but if I'd started to look - I'd have become distracted) so, settled down to make the best of what I have. Hope you like what I've done with the little fellas.

Now, I know what your asking yourself dear reader - why is Golgfag1 (he with more Orcs than Sauron) wasting his time with lesser goblins - their nothing but a foot note in the army lists with only the merest hint of their talents and abilities, to be used as door stops whilst the big boy'z are giving the opposition a good kick-in. Well dear reader, take a look at BOB (Big Orange Book, Warhammer third Ed.) and there you get an insight into their true potential - they can have poisoned weapons for an extra 5 points,  have 3x Short-bow missile attacks per base at no extra cost, are immune to poison, can also skirmish  and everybody else ignores them, if, they run away - what's not to like?

It's, also the case - that I hold with the idea, that if, you get the good stuff - you should by rights should carry a little bit of dross to balance it out - just as Fredrick the Great did with his Frei-corps (A  hint of one of my other wargaming passions, for those of your that think I only do Oldhammer) - look at most rule sets covering the Lace Wars, and you'll find that most Prussian infantry contingents are made up of Grenadier, Musketeers & Fusiliers with only a briefest of nods given to what was a fascinating part of the forces at Fredrick's disposal, but I digress.

I now have close to the maximum of forty bases of these insignificant trip hazards and with the Pump wagons I consider they'd be pretty good entertainment for a thousand point game - think about it?

All the best

Paul/ Golgfag1