Sunday, 18 February 2018

Just mucking about and showing off my Goblins!

To be honest I've been too busy with other  stuff to be painting the Thunderbolt Mountain Elves, as I  really think they need to be painted with more care than my usual daubing of paint. So, I'm going to continue to play with the video software on my laptop to show a montage of  my goblins - first up are the Wolf riders & chariots - a selection of classic G.W. & Chronicle stuff with a couple of self-builds thrown in.

First thirty second or so show them on the march, in a very loose formation of light cavalry leading armed with bows & hand weapons, followed by more light stuff carrying spears, then heavier types with armour, hand weapons, bows and spears and last but not least - the leaders unit armed and armoured with as much kit as possible to carry intermingled with various types of chariots to add a bit of punch! The rest of the video show them drawn up in battle line!

I tend to use the light stuff to harass and sting the opposition into a rash charge, or getting round flanks etc. and the heavier stuff to charge a disordered unit or flank or just simply hit one or two opposition units with the chariots and try to exploit the inevitable break from being hit by all those scythed chariots in turn one!

May well edit this post as the day goes on, so watch this space!


Paul / Golgfag1

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