Saturday, 25 November 2017

Should have done this, sometime ago

Here's to my first foray into the world of blogging, hopefully it won't be my first and last. As this is pretty much a big learning curve for me - please be patient and hopefully I'll tell you a small bit about myself and my interests.

At the moment my main wargaming interest is Oldhammer - Playing early editions of Games Workshops Warhammer Fantasy Battle and similar games of that ilk with like-minded individuals around the country/world when the opportunity arises, with classic GW figures from their "Glory Days" (Late Seventies - Early Eighties) and pretty much anything else from then till now, as I don't hold to the idea of only playing with classic lead. Even though most of my figures are from that period. Hence, the background picture of a 'C' Series Chaos Spawn, graced 'some might say' with daubs of paint by my own hand. 

I've played, paint and model just about anything - Ancients, Lace Wars, Science Fiction/Fantasy and occasionally up to the WWII in many scales, so expect to see pretty much something for everyone at sometime or another!

So, here's a taste of what's on my camera at the moment:

A small selection of Esher gang members for GW's Necromunda game, which I've never played, as I used these has militia for 40K, hence, the flocked bases!
  A few of  Foundry's Samurai
A mixed bunch of 25mm Vikings, am painting up these for next years Bring Out Your Lead, better know as BOYL, held at Foundry's venue at East Stoke.

 Last, but by no means lest - Citadel's 'C' Series Amazonians.

Hopefully, a more varied selection next time of what's passing over my painting palette and better pictures as my skills with the camera improve - time will tell.

Thanks for looking

Paul / Golgfag1


  1. Welcome abaord to the blogosphere Paul! Adding you to my reading list. ;)

  2. Thanks for the welcome Airborne, much obliged to you for being the first to respond to this endeavour and letting me know - there's someone else out there!
    My next job is learning how to add links and follow others in this new world of 'Blogging', here's hoping.

    Paul / Golgfag1

  3. How come I've only just realised you're blogging !
    Welcome on board !

  4. I posted on the Forum, but haven't yet added the link (on the to do list)so, if you missed the announcement you missed the boat!

    Thanks for following

    Paul / Golgfag1