Sunday, 18 March 2018

A worth while investment, Time will tell?

Well, to say nothing happened on the painting front this weekend, wouldn't be quite true - given the weather has taken a turn for the worst!

Thus, the conservatory's out of action again.

Just to cold to sit there and apply paint, so went off and did domestic stuff like shopping and taking the cat to the vet (Always a joy!). Whilst, visiting the local business park, I noticed than Maplins were having a closing sale, never one to miss an opportunity I stuck my head in to see if anything caught my eye. To my pleasant surprise I found a magnifier lamp and a  headband magnifier kit, all for under fifty pounds, so have invested a small amount of cash to see if these items would give me a significant improvement in my current painting.

As, any of you have seen my painting recently will a test - it's not the most genteel, I describe myself as dauber of paint, rather than a painter attempting a graceful application of colour and have put this down to my diminishing eyesight and shaking hand (long gone are my days of winning painting categories at Colours - hence, I say myself - I'm now a painter of armies not figures; hopefully, these items will help.

First impression are good - especially with the head kit with its the multiple lens and the multi-pose lamp does exactly what it says on the tin. So, am currently moving my painting station back into the study and hoping to show you a bit more progress with the giant and goblins, later today, as I'm going no where fast, given the weather.

Here's hoping


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Arraz, Arraz are good!

Well, needless to ask I didn't get the Black Mountain Boyz out of the bath. So, I took a few 'C' series out of the 'to do' box and daubed a small amount of paint on them last weeks whilst waiting for the paint on the dragon to dry. Unfortunately, didn't get then to a stage applying a ink was or painting the detail (eyes & teeth); so waiting till today, (as I've not been getting home until after dark) to get these final touches finished - so here's a few pictures of the arra boyz with their wash (I always consider orcs & goblins should be covered in a proverbial layer of grot, it also covers up a multitude of sins regarding my painting and gives a degree of depth to the figures) and then with the details touched in.

These will take my painted Arra Boy'z up into fifties, so, can now start to consider deploying two units, rather than one large block - all adds to the variations of what I'm able to field ;).  As ever, the close-ups just show how bad my painting has deteriorated and how badly I need to have my eyes tested!

Hopefully, I'll get the Black Mountain Boyz out of the soup later today

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Too cold to paint!

Well, title pretty much says it all this week, with the UK caught in winters icy grip joined by the remains of hurricane Emma, my conservatory was not the place to be applying paint of any type, until today, that is. So I pulled out a little bit of nostalgia which I think I picked up at BOYL a couple of years ago :- A Citadel import from - Ral Partha White Dragon ES72/01-072 AKA Cold Drake ( ), and applied a splattering of colour which I hope you'll appreciate.

Please, forgive the first few pictures in the sequence I bumbled to settings and until I noticed and re-set the camera it was too late to take a step back.

I'm also still playing with the stills video, but this time without the music!



Sunday, 25 February 2018

A regiment of Lesser Night Goblins! (Snotlings)

Well, I've final kicked my painting mojo back into gear this year, and to achieve a quick result I went for something small and insignificant but has needed to be done for a long time - Citadel,  first edition C14 Lesser Night Goblins to be precise. I thought I had a more varied collection, but having gone though the unpainted stuff, found that I've only two poses to join my growing horde (no doubt the rest are in a box somewhere in the attic but if I'd started to look - I'd have become distracted) so, settled down to make the best of what I have. Hope you like what I've done with the little fellas.

Now, I know what your asking yourself dear reader - why is Golgfag1 (he with more Orcs than Sauron) wasting his time with lesser goblins - their nothing but a foot note in the army lists with only the merest hint of their talents and abilities, to be used as door stops whilst the big boy'z are giving the opposition a good kick-in. Well dear reader, take a look at BOB (Big Orange Book, Warhammer third Ed.) and there you get an insight into their true potential - they can have poisoned weapons for an extra 5 points,  have 3x Short-bow missile attacks per base at no extra cost, are immune to poison, can also skirmish  and everybody else ignores them, if, they run away - what's not to like?

It's, also the case - that I hold with the idea, that if, you get the good stuff - you should by rights should carry a little bit of dross to balance it out - just as Fredrick the Great did with his Frei-corps (A  hint of one of my other wargaming passions, for those of your that think I only do Oldhammer) - look at most rule sets covering the Lace Wars, and you'll find that most Prussian infantry contingents are made up of Grenadier, Musketeers & Fusiliers with only a briefest of nods given to what was a fascinating part of the forces at Fredrick's disposal, but I digress.

I now have close to the maximum of forty bases of these insignificant trip hazards and with the Pump wagons I consider they'd be pretty good entertainment for a thousand point game - think about it?

All the best

Paul/ Golgfag1