Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Progress, adding a few fire breathing monsters to the mix

Over the last few months I've been painting my C series Dark Elves and I'm now at the point where I might actually have a functioning army rather than a collection of figures and models, painted over the last thirty years, ouch! I have my excuses - girlfriends, wife, mortgage, kids, beer etc etc. But the Dark Elves have always been there, slowly growing in number to the point that it was an embarrassing to open the storage cupboard and seeing all that bare lead. Occasionally, I'd take a few to the painting table and daub a bit of paint, but there was never any real effort to produce a working army. which left me with this.

 A half dozen painted witch elves, twenty Coldone riders, Manflayers plus a scattering of various half finished projects and a horde of bare lead. So this year I made the decision to do something about it I engaged the service of Curtis Fell to give me a basic painted army kicking off with the Bolt thowers.

just one or two, on the basis than I needed something to kill monsters, as I didn't really have any.

Not a bad job, so I then handed over a few warriors to see how they'd turn out and on the whole he's not made a bad job of them. These will be tweaked to give a coherent theme to the army, by adding shield designs, banner emblems etc. by me. 

Here's a couple of pictures of what I've done to them, nothing drastic, simply darkened the hair and high-lighted a few details and provided shield designs.

These will be mixed in with the male figures to give a degree of variation to the regiments, as the C series selection of miniatures are rather mono-pose, so to give a degree of movement these girls add a bit of drama.
Whilest, Curtis was doing his bit I've been splashing a bit of paint myself, over a few of the leaders within the C series portfolio

I also added a few scouts, as you can see the majority of figures are of a single pose, hence the need to add a touch of variation with the female figures, it doesn't need many, but it would be dammed boring without them.

To provide a more impressive leader for the army I've added a modern figure a Dragon rider, which cut a more dramatic pose.

Here you can just see the banner design which I used on the shields earlier, which is cast on the saddle design of the dragon rider. I've also painted a few hydras to give myself a few options in my army choices.

All I have to do now is more of the same and wait for Curtis to complete the Witch Elves!

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Adding a few details

My previous post showed some of the Pre-slotta Dark Elves Curtis has been applying a bit of paint too, for me, to get the their numbers up to give either the Empire, O&G or Slann/Lizardmen a reasonably sized game. So, as BOYL this year has been delayed until October I've been adding a few details to his efforts to make them feel more of an army of mine.

Here are my first efforts Witch Elves of the Broken Hearts, my intention is to mix these in with their male companions to give a bit of variation the models within each unit. All I've done is darken the hair and high-light the details around their arms and armour.


Paul / Golgfag1

I've also been painting up a few of the magic users and heroes, these are all my own work

And here's a WIP of what will be their leader, the beast took a bit of pinning let me tell you.

Monday, 16 March 2020

So, what have I been doing for the last few months?

In short - preparing for Snicket's Big Birthday Bash, which has taken my Empire army from this

 to this

Along the way there was quite a a lot of this

 and a little bit of this

and to top it all off - this

I know a lot this, but I've now moved on to this

Via Curtis Fell's painting service, whilst I splash a bit of paint on these bad boys

In preparation for Harry's Wolfy Wars game for BOYL 2020



Saturday, 15 June 2019

Preparation for BOYL 2019

Hey, I notice I've a couple of new follower, so let's give you something to see, if you've found this page via the Oldhammer Forum you'll know I've been painting up part of my collection of early Lizardmen / Slann  in preparation for BOYL, and a few days ago I said I'd take my figures out of their boxes and take a few pictures so that you could see them all, as you'll not be seeing them at BOYL as the games they'll be taking part in aren't really big enough (the largest being 9000 points a side) So, here's my pictures and for the first time - videos as I'm unable to up-load a complete file!

Hope you enjoy

Paul/ Golgfag1